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Bespoke Software Development

We deliver End to End project consulting to produce solutions that drive productivity, collaboration and inspire employees.

Meticulously crafted and well-designed software, created with your business in mind. Our software is as unique as your enterprise that will grow alongside your team and company requirements.

  • Save Time 100% 100%
  • Save On Cost 80% 80%
  • Auditable Data Governance 100% 100%
  • Reduce Training Costs 75% 75%
  • Enhance Reliability 100% 100%
  • Empower New Opportunities 100% 100%

Software development

Procure our extensive expertise for a business-specific solution.
Elevate your security, key operations, and productivity.

  • Custom Information Management Systems. (Systems that fit around YOUR business).

  •   Free On-Site Consultations. (Commitment free, clear advice).

  •  Cost Neutral Administration Reduction. (Do more with less, save time and money from day 1).

  • Auditable Data Governance. (Protect your data, avoid breaches and fines).

  • Legacy Conversion Utilities. (Take your existing data with you).

  • Comprehensive Contact Resource Management. (Maximise your contact and increase your sales).


  • Bespoke software applications, developed according to requirements which have considerably more advantages over prefabricated off-the-shelf software
  • Bespoke software is simple-to-use since it operates your way.
  • You hold the key – modifications can be made the way you want.
  • Bespoke software corresponds to your working practices thus requiring less control and reducing errors.
  • Bespoke applications enhance productivity by automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Your business information is much more user friendly, as bespoke applications incorporate your tried-and-tested business practice.
  • Your bespoke application can combine and integrate data from multiple existing applications.
  • Custom software application can combine data from different programs such as, contact managers, excel spreadsheets, and other shared resource apps

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About Macromagic

  • Established in 1998.
  • Incorporated in 2007.
  • Retained 90% of all Product IP.
  • 24Hr Support Desk Services.
  • Secured Continuity via Escrow.
  • Complete ICT Outsourcing Services.
  • Focused on Maximum ROI.

Bespoke Software

Developing software for over 20 years, we know we can deliver your project on time and on budget.

Web Development

Many of our solutions have a web element. From data collection to integration, to full on websites and portals.

Database Design

Keeping you data safe, relevant and legal is more important today than it has ever been. Do you know where your data is and who has access? 

Mobile Applications

With over 92% of the population using mobile internet devices, the perfect mobile application ensures you can connect with your customers and manage your workforce.

Data Management

It is getting harder to keep up with the requirements for data management. From end to end, we help you throughout.

IT Consultation

Sometimes all you need is the right advice. We can help in all areas of the IT business world.

Let's Discuss Your Software Project

We take the time to learn about your business and to understand your long term objectives. That’s what helps us to develop software and systems that best fits your needs. It starts with a detailed pre-purchase analysis of your requirements, moves on to design and development using the most appropriate model and continues to grow with your business long after implementation.

Large businesses understand the benefits of technology, and continually look to see where improvements can be made. With the advent of server-less architecture and APIs, improvements are limitless.

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