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case studies

Read about the solutions we have provided. We value our clients privacy so have witheld their details, however, any of our clients would be happy to chat with you to share their experience.

Inefficiency, revenue loss & customer frustration

Challenge: Large queuing during busy periods for entertainment & play centre... Read more »

Big data, when is too much too much? It’s all about the indexing.

Challenge: Data management, unreliable indexing & searching Read more »

Credit Hire Cost Assessment. Be the best.

Challenge: To develop the largest Basic Hire Rate (BHR) database in the UK Read more »

Needle in a haystack. Use technology so you know where to look.

Challenge: Identity & address validation using multiple databases and cross checking Read more »

New Meets Old. Seamless EDI.

Challenge: Real time connection between an FTP based interface and a Windows system Read more »

Paperless is not always an option.

Challenge: To create awareness of every case file in the entire building in real time. Read more »

Expansion road blocks due to managing business processes using Excel

Challenge: To replace the Excel spreadsheets and their functions, whilst fulfilling the promises... Read more »

Connected in Real Time. Big contracts demand connectivity.

Challenge: Seamless connection between an off-the-shelf management system & old management system Read more »

No technical skillset, no problem.

Challenge: Foodbank to become computerised without any technical skillsets. Read more »

Many websites, one booking management system.

Challenge: Manage unlimited amount of websites using a single management system Read more »

Patient Admission & Care Pathway

Challenge: To streamline and reduce man hours required to process patients Read more »

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We take the time to learn about your business and to understand your long term objectives. That’s what helps us to develop software and systems that best fits your needs. It starts with a detailed pre-purchase analysis of your requirements, moves on to design and development using the most appropriate model and continues to grow with your business long after implementation.

Large businesses understand the benefits of technology, and continually look to see where improvements can be made. With the advent of server-less architecture and APIs, improvements are limitless.

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