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  • Ultra-Safe Cloud Adoption.
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When you have huge amounts of computer files containing valuable information, Window ® search function can really help search for certain phrases or words. This works great even when there are thousands of files, but what happens at a few hundred thousand, or millions of files? Well, as good as it is, Windows ® will only search so far into each document and it can take quite a while to come back with the results. When our client approached us with this issue, there were files dating back many years with information that was still needed to be searched on daily.

The Challenge

No matter how many people or computers we have searching for texts within files, they still seem to the bottleneck of our business. How can gigabytes of text and office files be search as quickly as possible?

The Solution

By developing a spider system that could trawl all the files, mine the data and build a database that also linked back to the source. Using the specially designed interface, users could enter a word or phrase, click search and have the results in seconds saving many hours, every day


Enabling searches to be carried out so quickly not only removed the bottleneck, but also enabled search history and links between the files to be established eliminating the need for several searches to be done each time saving even more time. Sometimes the solution does not have to be complicated to return massive time savings.

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