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  • Clinical Pathway.
  • Project Planning.
  • Data Mining.
  • Web Mining.
  • Ultra-Safe Cloud Adoption.
  • Services Intergration.
  • Multi-Site Backoffice.
  • Developing Interoperability.
  • Case File Tracking.

Credit Hire Cost Assessment. Be the best.


There is a small number of claims that our insurance companies have to deal with where the cost of the replacement car hire has been inflated to increase the claim cost. In this case, the insurance companies have to show the same car is available local to the claimant otherwise; the inflated costs may need to be paid out.

The Challenge

To develop the largest Basic Hire Rate (BHR) database in the UK and to enable companies related to the insurance industry to access this data and carry out searches by date, car type and location.

The Solution

BHR Online has over 25 million records from almost 1000 locations, by far the largest of its type in the UK. We achieved this within 2 years of launch and now have records dating back to 2013.


Do not be afraid of creating something bigger and better than anything that has been before it. If you put your mind to it, anything can be achieved. Every case supported by BHR Online evidence has stood up in court. There is no more proof than that.

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