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  • Clinical Pathway.
  • Project Planning.
  • Data Mining.
  • Web Mining.
  • Ultra-Safe Cloud Adoption.
  • Services Intergration.
  • Multi-Site Backoffice.
  • Developing Interoperability.
  • Case File Tracking.

New Meets Old. Seamless EDI.


Despite thousands of modern software systems being available, there remains a considerable number of older systems still in use, particularly in the government sector. Contracts involving such organisations require suppliers to operate in-line with specific interfaces.

The Challenge

To enable real time connection between an FTP based interface (Orchard) and a Windows based service management system (Clik).

The Solution

To develop a bidirectional Orchard interface for Windows and Clik. This enabled real-time job allocation and import as well as job event updates being reported back to their client.


A seamless, continuously monitored two way interface operating in real-time. This removed the need for manual involvement saving hours of time and ensuring compliance with the terms of the supplier contract.


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Large businesses understand the benefits of technology, and continually look to see where improvements can be made. With the advent of server-less architecture and APIs, improvements are limitless.

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