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  • Clinical Pathway.
  • Project Planning.
  • Data Mining.
  • Web Mining.
  • Ultra-Safe Cloud Adoption.
  • Services Intergration.
  • Multi-Site Backoffice.
  • Developing Interoperability.
  • Case File Tracking.

Paperless is not always an option.


Across a large office spanning 3 floors, physical case files are being worked on by staff members with new paperwork arriving daily that need to be added. Mail room staff are required to add important documents as soon as they arrive. Rarely are the case files located in the filling cabinet as they are on someone’s desk along with several other cases being worked on at the same time.

The Challenge

To create awareness of every case file in the entire building in real time.

The Solution

Update the case header sheet to show the case number as a barcode and simple barcode scanners positioned on each workstation. Each time a member of staff needs to work on a case, a quick swipe of the case file under the bar scanner displays the relevant case management screen depending on staff type.


A complete historical record of the case file as it passes around the office. As the log entries can be searched in real time, the location of any case file can be found saving many hours a day.

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