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Working From Home

The New Challenge Facing Business Today.

How To Make Working From Home, Work.

There are a number of ways in which working from home has been managed during the lock-down.

Some businesses simply use a remote desktop configuration to enable replication of the office computer. This makes life reasonably simple and keeps everything familiar for the user. however, this does require the office computer to be turned on and able to receive incoming connection requests on demand. This is not very cost effective and can still require someone at the office to reboot the computer or remote desktop software. Not ideal.

Other businesses use websites or portals to enable their users to connect from home via web browsers. this can work fine, provided the internet connection is good, and the most suitable browser for the website is being used and is up to date, and virus free. Again, this is not ideal and can give the user a slow and frustrating experience.

We all know that downloading a mobile app will vastly improve our user experience when compared to using the website equivalent. Well, the same goes for desktop users. Our .NET applications are designed around your business and are downloaded to your users desktop computers to create the perfect performance package. With lightening fast, responsive processes that will make you wonder why people ever use websites to run their business processes.

Our applications use web services to connect to the database ensuring maximum security, performance and functionality.

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We take the time to learn about your business and to understand your long term objectives. That’s what helps us to develop software and systems that best fits your needs. It starts with a detailed pre-purchase analysis of your requirements, moves on to design and development using the most appropriate model and continues to grow with your business long after implementation.

Large businesses understand the benefits of technology, and continually look to see where improvements can be made. With the advent of server-less architecture and APIs, improvements are limitless.

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