Orchard Interface For Windows

The perfect interface for communication between Orchard software and maintenance contractors.

Orchard Contractor Interface For Windows.

Suppliers to some housing groups and field property maintenance organisations need to manage instructions and responses to Orchard MRI Software.

Jobs are sent out to suppliers using flat files usually sent via sFTP.

A typical file would look like this: 

Flat File

This is one of many types of flat files used to communicate work to the supplier or contractor.

Using our Orchard For Windows interface, the flat files are imported into the system every 15 minutes and using our Windows interface, are displayed like this:

A quick and simple way to view all jobs as they arrive.

Not only can jobs be viewed, they can also be responded so using a simple respond function. This will create the return file in the background and send it back via sFTP.


If you are using an in house field management system, data can be injected right into the database removing the need to manually enter the jobs and respond to them saving you time and eliminating data entry errors.

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